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An impression is made in a matter of seconds from the clothing one wears, to the first look at a product. These impressions can often make a long-time, if not lasting, impact. Generally, everyone knows this fact and with that comes a lot of anxiety and pressure to make the first impression a good one.

les Egoistes, LLC/Rebecca Luke Style is an image based creative services company that offers complete image packages for a client base across the country. Drawing on a background of fashion, we provide for all creative needs to make a client’s image, product, business or idea successful.

Founded in 2000, by Rebecca Luke, our mission is to create, communicate and manage every aspect of a client’s image. We take the worry and extraordinary amount of energy spent on determining an image away from clients, allowing them to focus on their business at hand and accomplish the goals they have set for their business/life.

Our vision is to create a unique and effective image for clients, inspiring the growth of their business and/or personal well being.

Unique, innovative with a clear understanding of lifestyle and trends, we will partner with you to develop or reinvent your product. Through various types of media, we can communicate your vision. As a small boutique company, we offer an alternative to larger firms, providing direct line communication for all your needs to enhance your endeavors.


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An aside: Why two company names? les Egoistes, LLC (LE) was Rebecca Luke’s first company started in 2000. The teams can still be assembled for the creative services offered by LE. Over the years it has made sense to move the brand to Rebecca Luke’s personal branding, thus Rebecca Luke Style.